Peer Review History: Assessment of Rice Hybrids on Growth, Yield and Economics under Different Agro-climatic Conditions in India


(1) Dr. Wen-Cheng Liu, Professor, National United University, Taiwan.


(1) Lusi Herawati Suryaningrum, Research Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture & Fisheries Extension (RIFAFE), Indonesia.

(2) Rodrigo Fazani E. Sanches, Federal University of ABC, Brazil.

Additional Reviewers:

(1) Afef Othmani, National Agricultural Research Institute of Tunisia, University of Carthage, Tunisia.

(2) Baraket Ghada, Tunisia.

(3) Chin Chee Keong, Institute of Teacher Education Malaysia Tuanku Bainun Campus, Malaysia.

(4) Deo Prakash Pandey, India.

(5) N.K.Gayathri, India.

(6) Kemparaju KB, Indian Institute of Rice Research, India.

(7) Mohamed Mohamed El-Komi, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Alexandria, Egypt.

(8) Rubismar Stolf, UFSCAR- Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil.

(9) Vlăduţ Oana, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania.

(10) Marwan Noori Ramadhan, College of Agriculture, University of Basrah, Iraq.

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Specific Comment:

Average Peer review marks at initial stage: 8.25/10

Average Peer review marks at publication stage: 9/10

Peer Review History:

Stage 1 | Original Manuscript | File 1 | NA

Stage 2 | Peer review report_1 (Lusi Herawati Suryaningrum, Indonesia) | File 1 | File 2

Stage 2 | Peer review report_2 (Rodrigo Fazani E. Sanches, Brazil) | File 1 | File 2

Stage 2 | Revised_MS_v1_and_Feedback_v1 | File 1 | File 2

Stage 3 | Comment_Editor_1_v1 | File 1 | NA