Peer Review History: In-vitro Evaluation of the Efficacy of Two Plant Extracts Allium sativum (Garlic) and Azadirachta indica (Neem) in the Control of Powdery Mildew Caused by Golovinomyces cichoracearum of Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra)


(1) Prof. John Yahya I. Elshimali, UCLA School of Medicine, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, California, USA.


(1) Ana Maria Arambarri, Universidad Nacional De La Plata (UNLP), La Plata National University, Argentina.

(2) A Ranganadha Reddy, VFSTR Deemed to be University, India.

(3) Bello Olunike Adetunji, Osun State College of Education, Nigeria.

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Average Peer review marks at initial stage: 8.56/10

Average Peer review marks at publication stage: 9/10

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