Peer Review History: Effect of Composite Flours of Finger Millet, Bambara Groundnut and ‘Khain’ (Lecaniodiscus Cupanioides) on Blood Glucose Response, Lipids, and Liver Enzymes of Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats


(1) Dr. Surapong Pinitglang, Assistant Professor, Dean, School of Science and Technology, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand.


(1) Sorial Adly Moharib, Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Centre, Egypt.

(2) Lobna Saad Mohammed Abd-Elmeged, AL-Baha University, Egypt.

Additional Reviewers:

(1) Anthony Kodzo-Grey Venyo, North Manchester General Hospital, United Kingdom.

(2) Faris T. Abachi, University of Mosul, Iraq.

(3) Kosasih Kosasih, Universitas Pancasila, Indonesia.

(4) Masoud Bagherpour Zarchi, Yazd University, Iran.

(5) Maurice Barasa Silali, Maseno University, Kenya.

(6) Rakesh Tiwle, India.

(7) Shehan Habib, Bangladesh.

(8) Sweta S Koka, India.

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Specific Comment:

Average Peer review marks at initial stage: 7.25/10

Average Peer review marks at publication stage: 9/10

Peer Review History:

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Stage 2 | Peer review report_2 (Lobna Saad Mohammed Abd-Elmeged, Egypt) | File 1 | NA

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