Peer Review History: Selection of Weeding Method and Plant Density in Maize (Zea mays L.) Based on Morphological and Physiological Characteristics


(1) Dr. Nebi Bilir, Professor, Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Turkey.


(1) Mohammad Reza Zargaran Khouzani, Khuzestan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran.

(2) Md Mahmudul Hasan Khan, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institution, Bangladesh.

Additional Reviewers:

(1) Aba-Toumnou Lucie, University of Bangui, Central African Republic.

(2) Aleksandr N. Sekisov, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Kuban State Agrarian University, Russia.

(3) Champa Lal Khatik, SKNAU, India.

(4) Fabrício Moraes de Almeida, Fundação Universidade Federal de Ronônia, Brazil.

(5) Iqtidar Hussain, Gomal University, Pakistan.

(6) Majid Abdulhameed Ibrahim, University of Basrah, Iraq.

Additional Reviewers: (Comments received after deadline)

(1) Udokang Anietie Edem, The Federal Polytechnic Offa, Nigeria.

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Specific Comment:

Average Peer review marks at initial stage: 6.75/10

Average Peer review marks at publication stage: 9/10

Peer Review History:

Stage 1 | Original Manuscript | File 1 | NA

Stage 2 | Peer review report_1 (Mohammad Reza Zargaran Khouzani, Iran) | File 1 | NA

Stage 2 | Peer review report_2 (Md Mahmudul Hasan Khan, Bangladesh) | File 1 | File 2

Stage 2 | Revised_MS_v1_and_Feedback_v1 | File 1 | File 2

Stage 3 | Comment_Editor_1_v1 | File 1 | NA